Guide 2: Motorcycle Controls and Overview

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2022)

The first part of your CBT training is an introduction to the controls used whilst riding a motorcycle or scooter. It is good for you to familiarise yourself with this before you attend the training session.

This diagram shows the basic controls found on a modern day scooter.

Left Handlebar controls

High Beam – These buttons are found on a control panel next to your left handlebar operated by your left thumb. These are used to switch between full and dipped beams. Note that the light on modern motorcycles/scooters are always turned on automatically for safety reasons.

Horns – The horn button is usually located on the same control panel as the high beam. Use this to warn other drivers on the road in unexpected circumstances where you cannot be seen or in poor visibility conditions.

Turn signal (Indicators) – The turn signal is usually found on the same side. Indicate to signal to other drivers that you intend to turn or change directions.

Clutch lever (manual motorcycles only) – The clutch lever is found in front of your left handle bar. You must use the clutch to : select or change gears including going into neutral in addition to engaging it for slow speed manoeuvres. On an automatic scooter this lever is the rear brake.

Choke (on certain motorcycles only) – The choke is a button found between the left hand bar and the clutch levers. It is a useful device to have on your motorcycle when starting a cold engine as it changes the amount of air which the engine burns with the fuel mixture.

Right handlebar controls

Engine cut out switch – This is usually a red button right next to the right handlebars. It acts as a kill switch for your motorcycles engine and electrical circuits in the event of an emergency such as a crash to prevent the risk of fire.

Electric starter – This button is usually located on the right handlebar and is used to start the motorcycle.

Front brake lever – This lever is found right above the right side handlebar and applies the front brake. To use the brake, squeeze the lever closer to you.

Accelerator – Your right handle acts as the accelerator. This controls the engine speeds when you rotate the handle towards you. The fuel that is funnelled through this rotating either slows down or speeds up your motorcycle.

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