Clutch 3/4" GO-Kart Mini Bike #35 Chain 12 Teeth 19mm Bore Engine

Clutch 3/4" GO-Kart Mini Bike #35 Chain 12 Teeth 19mm Bore Engine

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Clutch 3/4″ GO-Kart Mini Bike #35 Chain 12 Teeth 19mm Bore Engine

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2021)

1.Fit for??Clutch 3/4″ GO-Kart 12 Teeth

2.Fit for: Clutch #35 Chain Bore 19mm Clutch Mini Bike

3.Becoming a wonder-making mechanic and getting your children??s interest in engineering! It will always come in handy to know your whereabouts when it comes to mechanical issues, and this go cart clutch can be a good start when you and your kids are about to embark on this journey of fun and practicality. Teaching your loved one some simple mechanics is one of the best way to have some ??educational?? quality time!

4.Never let mechanical failures ruin the precious outdoor time. Being safe and having fun are of equal importance to us. Our dedication to the clutch is as much of the care as you spend on your children. We provide the right clutch to the go cart so that every drive could be safe and fun.

5.Here are some suggestions that will help: Don’t put oil inside the clutch holes: The holes on the drum are of ventilation purpose. For your own safety, DO NOT OIL IN THESE HOLES.Try to step on the brakes as little as possible.Don??t drive too slowly: A clutch starts to engage around 2,000 rpm
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