Mylers Aluminum Radiator

Mylers Aluminum Radiator

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Mylers Aluminum Radiator

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2021)

A faulty radiator isn??t just an inconvenience, it can overheat your machine and cause catastrophic engine damage. Mylers SuperCool Aluminum Radiators are a great replacement option when your motorcycle, UTV, or ATV needs a radiator with cooling and rigidity that outpaces the competition.

The key to Mylers SuperCool Aluminum Radiators excellent performance is their extra-deep “fused” core which??unlike glued cores??lets heat dissipate into the side plates of the radiator for improved cooling and lower operating temps. The “fused” core also makes overall radiator construction much more rigid and less prone to impact and vibration related damage.

The SuperCool??s larger cores are TIG welded by hand and topped with a billet cap and cap neck for an exceptionally polished look that will go great with your machine. It will be easy to get a clean look too since Mylers?? rads bolt in easily and neatly tuck in behind your plastics.

Improved cooling over stock
Stronger impact resistance than stock
Thicker dimension core is more efficient than stock
TIG welded by hand
Billet cap and cap neck
Uses stock mounting points
Fits like OEM radiator
Sold as individual sides (single units)
Comes with rubber grommets, washers, and nut clips
Fused core increases strength and heat dissipation
Can be straightened or repaired after crash
1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

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