Thumbuddy Throttle Extender - Model TB1

Thumbuddy Throttle Extender - Model TB1

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Thumbuddy Throttle Extender – Model TB1

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2022)

GREAT VALUE – Economical thumb throttle extender
COMFORT – Ergonomic designed rubber shape helps to relieve thumb and hand fatigue from a long day of riding
QUICK & EASY – Attaches with 3 UV resistant zip ties that wrap around thumb throttle and lock into the grooves on the throttle extender
BENDABLE – Extender can be bent and formed to provide a custom fit for either large or small hands
STAINLESS STEEL – The core is made from bendable stainless steel and is covered in thick, soft rubber Product Description
Can be formed to custom fit any size hand
Eliminates thumb and hand fatigue on long rides
Fits all thumb throttles
Made in the USA

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