Replacing the motorcycle filter takes only 4 steps

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

1, open the bonnet, confirm the location of the air filter. Remove the lid of the empty filter housing, unscrew the fixing screws, remove the filter element, if the sponge filter can be soaked with kerosene gently kneaded by hand to clean, and finally dry installation.

2, if it is a paper filter, you can use the hand gently pat and reverse blow, the dust blowing out. Reinstall. Install a new air filter, cover the box, and snap.

3, because the motorcycle travel 1000-1500 kilometers, must clean up an air filter, so according to the number of days of driving, the number of motorcycle air filter replacement is also different. If driving frequently on dusty roads, the cleaning cycle should also be shortened appropriately. After the air filter is blocked by dust, the air infection resistance will inevitably increase, resulting in a thickening of the combustible mixture, which will reduce the output power of the engine and increase fuel consumption.

4, air filter type there are two, that is, dry and wet. Changing the air filter element is still relatively simple, the first step is to open the bonnet, open the lid (black box) of the box containing the air filter, and then remove the old air filter and replace it. The most important thing when installing the air filter is that you know something about the construction of the vehicle, and if you don’t know anything, it’s best to find someone professional to help you replace it.


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